Second Life for Furniture -

Terms and conditions

1. Introductory Provisions

IKEA Czech Republic, s.r.o. is a member of the IKEA Group and its stores offer the customers furniture and a wide range of home accessories including services. For this purpose, the General Trading Conditions herein have been issued by the IKEA Czech Republic, s.r.o. located at Skandinávská 1, Praha, PC 15500, CRN 27081052, incorporated in the business register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 94828 (“Company“ herein after).

These General Trading Conditions – Second Life for Furniture became effective on November 1, 2017 replacing the former version of these conditions.

The Company reserves the right to change and amend the General Trading Conditions – Second Life for Furniture herein at its discretion. Changes and amendments of these General Trading Conditions (“GTC” herein after) shall not apply to the Sales Agreements realized prior to the date of effect of such change or amendment.

These GTC are governed by the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code and form an inseparable part of every Sales Agreement concluded between the Company and its customers (“Customer“ herein after). By sending an order for selling goods to a store (“Order” herein after) the Customer confirms that he/she has been made familiar with their contents a accepts them without reservation.

For the IKEA Praha-Zličín store realization of transport shall be secured by the Company.

For the IKEA Ostrava, IKEA Brno, and IKEA Praha-Černý Most stores realization of transport shall be secured by the Company via its contractual partner Hral, s.r.o. (“Carrier” herein after).

A Sales Agreement between the Company and the Customer is concluded on the strength of a sent Order and confirmation of the price.

2. Customer's Statement

The Customer declares and gives the Company the guarantee that the product has no legal defects, especially that it is not burdened by a lien, another right of use or by any other right of a third party. The Customer further declares that he/she is not subject to enforcement or distraint proceeding, that the product is not affected by a warrant of distraint or affected by enforced sale of movable property, and that the product is not an item in the movable items list made by a distrainer or executor. If the product is part of community property, the Customer declares that he/she has informed his/her wife/husband about the intended sale of the product under the Sales Agreement. In the case such declaration is not true, the Customer is obliged to compensate the Company for any damage incurred. The Customer further declares that the product comes from a non-smoking environment.

3. Liability for Defects

The Customer is held liable for the defects the product had at the time of its transfer to the Company with the exception of the defects the Company must have discovered if paying adequate attention to the product upon conclusion of the Sales Agreement unless the Customer had hidden such defects from the Company or assured the Company that there were no defects.

In the case any defect in the product for which the Customer is liable has been discovered, the Company shall have the right to withdraw from the Sales Agreement.

4. Takeover of the Product and Transfer of the Riskof a Defect in the Product

The Customer undertakes to advise the Company within 7 days of the price offer whether he/she accepts the offer or not. The risk of a defect in the product shall be transferred to the Company at the moment of takeover of the product by the Company. If the Customer uses the transport service, the risk of a defect in the product shall be transferred to the Company at the moment of takeover of the product from the Carrier.

5. Transport of the product to the Company

In the case the Customer is unable to transport the product to the Company himself/herself, he/she shall use the transport offered by the Company or the Carrier as the case may be. The price of the transport is stipulated to be 500 Kc and is applicable in Prague and Central Bohemia Region (Středočeský kraj). It is also applicable in Brno and Ostrava including the 25km driving range in the vicinity of both cities. The price of transport shall be subtracted from the final amount the Customer shall receive for the product from the Company. If the Customer uses the offer of transport, the discount card shall be given to the Customer in the Customer Services department upon his/her next visit to the appropriate store.

The Customer is obliged to pack the product properly and prepare it for transport. If otherwise, the Carrier may refuse to take the product over.

6. Withdrawal

Except for the reasons stipulated by law or by other provisions herein the Company has the right to withdraw from the agreement even after the product has been sold to another owner if it transpires that any of the declarations of the Customer stated herein are untrue, whether the Customer knew about the fact at the time of conclusion of the Sales Agreement or not. If the Sales Agreement is terminated, the Customer is obliged to take the product back from the Company within 5 (five) workdays of the date of termination of the Sales Agreement. If otherwise, he/she shall be charged a storage fee at the amount of 80 Kc per day. In this case the Customer is obliged to return the discount card (the corresponding financial amount) to the Company.

Withdrawal from the transport service is possible no later than 24 hours before the agreed time of transport. If otherwise, the Customer is obliged to pay all the expenses connected with the transport.

7. Information Service

The Company answers the Customers' questions on the phone number 234 567 890 or via our contact centrum here daily from 9 am to 9 pm, or at any store of the Company in the Czech Republic.

8. Personal Data Protection

In accordance with the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data, as amended (“Act” herein after), the Company shall process the Customer's personal data stated in the Order solely for the purposes of the fulfilment of the agreement and for the time necessary for its fulfilment, settlement of possible claims of the Customer arising from faulty performance, and also if the processing of the personal data is necessary pursuant to legal regulations.

If the Customer grants the Company his/her consent to do so, the Company shall use these personal data for the customer satisfaction survey. The Customer may any time revoke the granted consent in writing at the Privacy Officer, IKEA Czech Republic, s.r.o. Skandinávská 15a, 155 00 Praha, or via email at

The Company shall process the personal data both manually and automatically and shall not give them to other parties besides the contractual partners securing the fulfilment of the Order, e.g. securing the operation of the Internet shop, processing of the payment for goods, transport of goods etc. Provision of Personal Data is voluntary, however, if the Customer is not willing to provide his/her personal data for the purpose above, it is not possible to conclude the Order.

The Customer has the right of access to his/her personal data, the right to correct them, and other rights according to the Art. 21 of the Act. The Customer may exercise these rights at the Privacy Officer, IKEA Czech Republic s.r.o., Skandinávská 15a, 155 00 Praha, or via email at


The supervisory body is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Possible consumer disputes between the Company and the Customer about the obligations under the concluded Orders may be settled out of court. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority ( is the subject of the out-of-court settlement of disputes. Following of the regulations concerning personal data protection is supervised by The Office for Personal Data Protection (

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