Do you have IKEA furniture that you no longer need? Give it a second life

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You fill in the form, choose the method of transport, we will buy it and offer it further.
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You can bring the furniture to IKEA, to an IKEA sales point or order delivery from us.
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By supporting a circular economy you prevent creating more waste.

Do you want to buy second-hand furniture? Book it on-line.

Products bought from customers or those that were displayed in the department store can be reserved on-line in advance and then collected at IKEA.
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Stories of furniture that received a second life

The STRANDMON wing chair found a new home

"I don't like throwing things out, but if there's something I truly hate, it's endlessly responding to potential buyers asking me ‘Could I get a discount?‘, only for them to not even bother with answering back to me.

I felt so relieved when I found out about Second Life for Furniture, where I'll fill out a form, deliver the furniture, receive an IKEA refund card that I can immediately use and have some meatballs to top it all off :)"

The PAX wardrobe has left the big city

"Changing out a wardrobe is a real piece of work. It's large, heavy, yet expensive enough that one doesn't want to just throw it out.

While I was trying to figure out what to do with my old wardrobe, I found IKEA's Second Life for Furniture , where I filled out a form, ordered a delivery service and received a 3000 CZK IKEA refund card. My wife was happy."

How to live sustainably

You can calculate the price for which we will buy children's furniture from you in advance in the calculator

We offer IKEA Family members a purchase guarantee of up to two years for selected products from the IKEA children's furniture range at a predetermined price. Because children grow and need change.

Can sustainability be the new standard?

To create a better world, we must start with ourselves. Home. Being environmentally friendly is not difficult. You just need to know how to do it.