Why people give their furniture a second life

We have listened to tens of stories from people, who used the Second Life for Furniture service. Read some of them ↓

The KOPPANG chest of drawers moved to a green paradise

"I care deeply about the environment, which is why I try to buy my furniture and clothing from second-hand shops whenever possible. I like that they have a story, plus it makes me feel good that I'm doing something for sustainability.

I like to use Second Life both as a buyer and as a seller. Not only because it's easy, but also because I receive a one year guarantee when shopping."

A college den finally has a large enough desk

"The Discounted goods corner at IKEA was the only place I could afford to buy furniture during my college days.

Now that I'm sending my furniture to Second Life, I imagine it will make another student happy just like it has made me a few years back."

The KALLAX shelving unit found new life in Ostrava

"Although I was looking forward to moving to my own place, I was also sad that some of the furniture couldn't come along with me.

When a friend told me that she had bought a second-hand wardrobe in perfect condition and with a guarantee through Second Life, I decided to try it out as well. I'll send my old furniture someplace people will enjoy it."

How the HEMNES bedside table travelled through the Czech Republic

"Before I went on my trip around the world, I needed to get rid of my old furniture. Unfortunately, I'm rather sentimental and loathe saying goodbye to things I have a relationship with. This bedside table survived 3 girlfriends and 6 flats in 4 cities with me.

I had neither the time, nor the want to try and sell it on my own. But then I found Second Life for Furniture, which saved me a lot of stress due to a simple selling process and I felt that my furniture will experience an adventure of its own."

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