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How does the service work?

Anyone can offer their IKEA furniture for buyback through the Second Life for Furniture service. The customer fills out a form with the information about the offered furniture - based on which we'll send them our price offer. If the customer accepts, they will receive an IKEA refund card with the given amount, which they can then use to buy new goods. They will then deliver the furniture to the closest IKEA store or order a delivery service to do it for them. We will check the delivered furniture and offer it for sale at the same price in the Circular Hub with a 2-years-long guarantee.


Can I sell back any furniture or only IKEA furniture?

We buy back IKEA furniture only, because it is the only one we can repair and at the same time offer the customer safety and health harmlessness. We provide a year-long guarantee for all furniture sold through the Second Life service. You can also sell furniture that is no longer in the IKEA range. You do not need a proof of purchase.

What types of furniture can I sell?

We accept:
• Children’s furniture
• Office furniture
• Bookcases and shelf units
• Tables and side tables
• PAX storage
• Sofas and armchairs (except sofabeds)
• Bedframes
• Outdoor furniture
• Mirrors
• Chairs

We buy back sofas and armchairs only in 100% hygienically harmless condition. All furniture must come from a non-smoking environment. The store can reject bulky furniture for capacity reasons.

Products we do not accept:
• Accessories (place settings, lighting or textiles)
• Electric appliances
• Individual parts of furniture (for example shelves, drawers, doors and other interior fittings)
• Kitchen sets and fittings (cabinet frames, doors, hinges, shelves, drawers, sinks, worktops etc.)
• Mattressess and mattress protectors
• Sofabeds

In what condition does the furniture need to be?

The furniture must be in good condition, complete, clean and assembled. Slight defects like small scratches and abrasions are fine. All damage must be properly photodocumented when listing the furniture up for offer. We do not accept furniture with large defects that limit its usability. It also cannot pose any threat (such as being unstable or have broken glass jutting out, for instance).

The furniture must come from a non-smoking environment and be hygienically clean.

Why was my furniture rejected?

We are obligated to reject the furniture if:
• It is not an IKEA piece of furniture
• It is not a piece of furniture we buy back
• It is largely damaged
• We do not have enough space to accommodate the furniture in the Circular Hub.

How should I photograph the furniture?

Ideally, the picture will have a single-coloured background and will be taken during daylight.
Photograph the furniture from all sides.

If there are any defects on the furniture, take a close-up photo of them.

By taking a picture of the label with the name and number, you are making it easier for us to identify the goods, but this is not necessary. You can find the label on the bottom or the back of the furniture.


How is the price decided?

The price is mainly influenced by the condition of the offered goods and current capacity. The buyback price is usually between 30-50% of the original price. The furniture is then offered for the same amount in the Circular Hub.

Why do you offer an IKEA refund card instead of cash for the furniture?

The Second Life for Furniture is primarily aimed at out customers, which is why we're offering an IKEA refund card, which they can then use during their next purchase.

The refund card will be sent to your email within 7 days after collecting the furniture.


Where exactly should I deliver the furniture?

In the buyback form, you coose whether you want to deliver the furniture to the IKEA store or to one of our Pick up point.

The Pick up points have the logo of our partner Hral and they will collet the furniture from you. If you choose the IKEA store, you will hand the furniture over to the co-workers of the store's customer service department, which is in most stores located near the exit.

Can I order a transport service?

If you cannot bring furniture to us, it is possible to use our transport. The price for transport is CZK 500 and is currently available in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region (Středočeský kraj). It is also available in Brno and Ostrava, including 25 km driving range in the vicinity of both cities. Choose your preferred mode of transport in the form.

How should I prepare the furniture for the IKEA transport service?

Before handing the furniture over to our carriers, please prepare the furniture this way:
• Divide the large parts of the furniture in such a way that two of our carriers will be able to carry it and fit inside all of the doors found along the way.
• Take out the inner drawers and shelves from wardrobes and package them separately; secure the doors, so that they won't accidentally open.
• Wrap the furniture in plastic; ideally add a bit of cardboard to the edges to prevent damage.

This is how a properly packaged piece of furniture looks like:Pack the furniture so that it won't bump into other packages inside the car and get damaged that way.

Secure the drawers, shelves etc. so that they won't open; ideally pack them separately (unless packing chests of drawers; you don't need to take them out of the chests).Place the fittings and small parts inside a small box or bag.

Secure sharp edges and protruding parts.

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