Even used furniture deserves a second chance

What one household doesn't need anymore might be just the thing another is on the lookout for. This is why we're buying back used IKEA furniture and help find a new home for it.

How does the furniture buyback work?

Send us a form
You describe the details of the furniture, attach a few pictures and choose your method of delivery.
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We buyback the furniture
We will offer you an IKEA refund card worth up to 50% of the original price.
We give the furniture a second life
We check the furniture and put it up for sale in the Discounted goods corner with a 2-years-long guarantee.

Which furniture do we accept?

Only IKEA furniture.
We accept all IKEA furniture except for kitchens, bedroom furniture and sofabeds in order to guarantee its safety and health harmlessness to the customer. We do not accept accessories and electric appliances.

In good condition only
The furniture has to be functional, clean, without severe damage and assembled.

Do you need more information?

See Frequently Asked Questions.

Offer your furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture we don't accept?
Try giving it a second chance in different ways ↓

Renovate at home

Explore tips what to do with old furniture to give it its charm back again. All you need to do to make your furniture brand new again is just a touch of care. Get inspired!

Get inspired

Order spare parts for free

Missing a part? No reason to throw out your furniture. You can order small spare parts and IKEA components for free on our website.

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